Our Approach

Parvus Connect offers a holistic approach and we will advocate digital strategies based exclusively on your needs and mission. Each client has a unique set of circumstances with specific requirements, challenges, and objectives.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and we won’t try to fit your success into a pre-packaged solution template. In the area of website development, our attention is not limited to your visitors’ experience but likewise to the process of your content editors, the interests of your stakeholders, and a panoramic view of your organization’s objectives on the digital landscape.

Continual Improvement


Our continual improvement model offers ongoing efforts aimed at improving your current business processes, products, and services. Typically, these efforts focus more on “incremental” improvement over time rather than on “breakthrough” improvement all at once. Parvus Connect will take on a managerial role and help to develop a culture of innovation and constant improvement at all levels within your organization.

Plan – We will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and develop a plan to promote and address the change.

Do – We implement the change on a small scale, sometimes by developing a prototype or models that illustrate the impact of the change.

Check – We’ll examine all aspects before full implementation and adjust for any areas where the model is misaligned with operational processes.

Act – We implement the improvement and provide documentation and training as needed to offer a client-owned, sustainable solution.

Our Philosophy

Underpinning the Parvus Connect approach to web services is a deep-rooted philosophy that a client’s needs come first. read more